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new media in china in the future

A blue book entitled "Annual Report on Development of New Media in China (2013)" was released on June 25 in Beijing during a news conference and new media development symposium jointly hosted by the Journalism and Communication Research Institute affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and China Social Sciences Academic Press. The research was conducted by experts and scholars with CASS, and based on professional and authoritative figures.

"New media are widely considered as one of the most exciting new emerging things at present," said Cai Jihui, the assistant editor-in-chief of China Social Sciences Academic Press. "People are not just the consumers, users and beneficiaries of the new media, but also their participators, researchers and promoters."

Cai stated that the revolutionary emergence of new media realizes the "all people to all people" communication mode, equality of broadcaster and receiver and the perfect blending of multi-media.

Researchers have conducted detailed interpretations of new media development trends in China and the whole world. The blue book also summarizes the current condition of China's mobile Internet, micro-channel, micro-blog, big data and cloud computing, social media, and mobile applications such as Wechat to display the huge influence of China's new media on people's daily lives. The book also features predictions on future top trends within new media development.

The attitudes towards high school

The industry of Chinese movies tends to a positive way in the future 20 years. I will research for the differences between Hollywood movies and traditional chinese movies. Also, in this way I will explain why Chinese movies can not be one of the best one in the global in the past. In addition, I will pay attetion to the attitudes of government to the movies, and the behaviours that Chinese government towards to the development of movies industry.